Full Care Board - $900 

At HM Equestrian & Sport Horse, we ensure your horse the best possible care and treat each as our own.

All Stalls are matted and bedded with highly absorbent, expanded pellet bedding and topped with fine shavings for maximum dryness and comfort. Stalls are cleaned and fresh bedding added daily.

Horses receive ample amounts of turnout time adjusted to their own needs. Most of our Horses are turned out as much as possible, aside from inclement weather.  During the winter, horses are turned out during day with hay. During the summer they enjoy cool nights turn outed on lush green pastures.

Our Horses diets are strictly maintained and each horse is reviewed every 45 days by a professional nutritionist to ensure they are receiving the proper nutrition for their current work load and the seasonal changes.

Full board also includes blanket changing the winter.

Owner is able to provide a fan in the summer and a heated bucket in the winter at no additional charge.

Our Cheval Barn is Heated and our Equus Barn stays above freezing during the coldest of winter nights. Both Stables have excellent ventilation, exhaust fans to pull out hot air and each stall a window to maximize coolness in the summer.

Premium Board- $1200

 Looking for the luxury of a personal groom plus the amenities of full care? This Package is for you! 

Training Board

Full - $1,800 (5-6 training sessions/week)

Moderate - $1,650 (3-4 training sessions/week)

Mild - $1,500 (2-3 training sessions/week)

Combination Board- $1,600 (2 training rides & 2 lessons per week)   

Lesson Board- $1,450 (3 lessons per week)

 Each package includes full care board, a customized working program, and weekly one on one meetings with trainer regarding goals and progress.

Consignment Board

Need to sell your horse? We can help place them in their ideal situation.


We care happy to provide personalized programs for each horse!


Inquire for pricing and details.

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Half or Full Leases are always available here at HM Equestrian and differ per horse and lease arrangement.

The option for full lease off property is available short or long term under contract and insurance.

Horses are available that excel throughout the levels of all three rings.

 Check out our For Sale & Lease page for horses and ponies currently available.