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"Some of the very best conversations I’ve ever had needed no words. I have been carried through my biggest struggles by a trustworthy and fierce friend. I have loved with all my heart and been loved back just the same. My eyes have leaked more tears of joy and pain then sometimes I would like to admit. This is my passion."                  

                                  In loving memory of  St. Patrick's Gold

PASSION is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion. I can’t think of a better way to describe how I feel about these truly amazing animals. I do this because I want to share with you the opportunity to experience something so incredibly special and so rewarding.

For those who don’t know me, I wasn't one of the lucky horse crazy kids who was born into a family that provided me with unlimited access to riding lessons and made show horses or any horse for that matter. I was born with this passion for horses, but not one person in my family knew anything about horses. My parents started me with riding lessons at age 8 only after begging them for years to ride. By the age of 13 you would find me cleaning a 24 stall barn on weekends in order to pay for a riding lesson or something else horse related. Every chance I could I was around the barn in hopes for an opportunity to sit on ANY horse I could. I believe I am who I am today because of my passion for these extraordinary animals. 


So where do YOU  start?

Regardless of where you would like to end up with this sport, junior or amateur competitor, pleasure riding or professional horsemen, if you want to be successful, your starting point is the same. Correct fundamentals. 

Core fundamentals based in Classical Dressage and Equitation can branch successfully into ANY ring. Classical Dressage- The art of riding in harmony with, rather than against, the horse. Equitation- the art and practice of horsemanship and horse riding. Somewhere over time short cuts have been created for a faster but artificial result. Not here. My training emphasizes on developing a comfortable and willing, working partnership with one's horse by using the natural aids to work in harmony AND understand why.

Natural aids- Legs, seat, hands and voice. The natural tools that you will use to communicate with your horse for as long as you ride. Aids are used in different amounts either on their own or as a combination to get a desired result. From your very first lesson to the Grand Prix, these will be your most important tools. Learning how to use them properly without interfering with the horse is imperative for a successful result. With these basics making up my core curriculum, it provides both horse and rider with strong and correct fundamentals that will be used in every level of this sport through any discipline. This allows the partnership to develop comfortably and at is own pace, always building on the base education and progressing when the conversation is clear.

I invite you to come out and learn the language.