Learn about the Industry

Here at HM Equestrian, we have found that one of the best way to be successful in the industry is to intern with a professional. In 2011, Heather's internship with Willy DeLayer gave her a unique insight into the equine industry and jumpstarted her career.  We are firm believers in working student programs and that is why we began ours.

Opportunities to learn about:

Horse Nutrition

Pasture Maintenance

Turnout Rotation

Equine First Aid

How and When to lunge

Equine Anatomy

Equine Massage

Saddle Fit

Equine and Rider Safety

Business Management

Billing and Accounting

Investments & Sales 


Professional Grooming

Bandaging and Leg Wrapping

Body Clipping

Professional Braiding and Plaiting

How to work with green & problem horses

Lesson Instruction

The Ins and Outs of Horse Showing

And so much more!

 Send an Email including a brief paragraph about your experiences and goals to apply.

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