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DOB: July 2016

Height: 16.2+

Breed: WB/Draft

Color: Tobiano


Type: Fox Hunter, Volting, Movie Work, Eventing, Dressage, Pleasure Mount


Congratulations to Shianne Loper of Brooklet, Georgia!

brady show.JPG


DOB: 2014

Height: 16

Breed: KWPN

Color: Red Roan, 4 white Stockings, White Face, Fawn Spots


Type: Derby Hunter, Hunter, EquitationDressage





KWPN gelding with ALL the chrome.
Bred and getting his career started in Europe, Iras was successful through 1.20m at a young age. After showing great technique and character as an amateur ride, he was focused as an American Hunter prospect and was imported to the US in late June 2019.

 Iras presented great poise and presents while earing his children, junior and amateur riders championships in the Hunter and Equitation rings in both local and rated horse shows his first competitions in the US. Due to the Pandemics timing, Iras did not get to have the extensive rated show career we had planned for him, but instead spent time learning how to be the ultimate teacher at home. Patient, forgiving, honest, quiet. He has taught beginner adult and children lessons, done the short stirrup job with a young child, and safely taken riders over their first big fences. After the pandemic and back in the show ring with his junior and amateur riders, he continues to take care and earn respectable placings with his partners.

Iras has been meticulously developed with combined training to be a multiple discipline Sport Horse of any level. He is proficent through 3rd level dressage and bravely schools Novice cross country for his combined training benefits. 

Consistent and smooth, He jumps a 10, and is finished with auto or asked changes.

Iras is a special horse with loads of character. With his affectionate and interactive personality, he demands a positive relationship with his person.



Night Fury (Whellington)

DOB: April 2007

Height: 17.1

Breed: Oldenburg

Color: Black, 4 White socks, Star, Snap

Type: Dressage, Equitation

Whellington “Fury”-

Welcome S x Anike Archipel x Aska

Bred to be a top dressage horse, Sired by the famous World Champion Welcome S.

Fury has inherited many of his sires highly desirable attributes. Schooled proficiently through 4th level, he has successfully competed through the levels as well as on the local and rated Hunter Jumper circuits. Although he was bred to be a high-performance horse, Fury is very affectionate and loves to interact with his riders on the ground.

Fury has 3 powerful gaits, super movements and rides to his pilot's ability. 

Fury prefers to show off his athleticism with someone who pushes him to be the upper level dressage horse he was bred to be. 

We are happy to keep this big guy in our roster of school masters or place him with his own person.

Charles 1_edited.jpg


DOB: May 2010

Height: 13.3

Breed: Haflinger

Color: Palomino


Type: Pleasure riding, Hunter, Equitation, Dressage, Driving


Charles is a barn favorite. He has done everything from lessons to fox hunting to driving. He has 3 smooth, expressive gaits and the cutest jump.

Charles is blind in one eye so he prefers to have a light contact with his rider for support. He is stocky, takes up the leg nicely and can handle just about any weight. 

Charles is very responsive to his rider and aims to please. He loves traveling off property to horse shows and is very brave in new or uncertain situations. He is always happy to do what he is asked and extremely enjoyable to work around. He loves attention and time spent on the ground with his rider.


Vegas Semilli

DOB: May 2009

Height 16.2

Breed: Selle Français

Color: Black

Type: Hunter, Jumper, Equitation


Selle Francais Gelding "Vegas" is the ultimate 3 ring school master. Derbies, Grand Prixs, Junior Jumpers and the Equitation, this boy has done & won it ALL!


Congratulations to Lauren of Frenchtown, NJ



DOB: Feb 2013

Height: 16

Breed: Thoroughbred

Color: Black

Type: Hunter, Equitation, Pleasure

Phoenix is one of the quietest, well moving Thoroughbreds you’ll ever meet.

He has 3 lovely, flat kneed gates making his stride very comfortable and easy to manage.

He’s won classes and championships locally with a Junior & Amateur riders in the Hunters & Equitation 2'3-2'6. Phoenix has the talent and look to be successful in among the best company. 

He is well educated off the seat and leg, has his changes & knows his basic lateral work. He loves trail riding either alone or in a group and prefers to ride on the buckle most of the time. He is what I would consider an enjoyable push ride. Put a little leg on and he will take you where ever you want to go.




DOB: July 2014
Height: 14.2

Breed: Paint

Color: Tobiano.

Type: Gymkhana, Ranch work, Pleasure riding, Hunter, Jumper

Comanche is our all a rounder. Original trained western for ranch work, Comanche is quite handy and sensitive of his riders ques.

He’s as bombproof as they come and has extensive experience on the trails.

We have put the last two years into him teaching him the H/J discipline and he has proved just how brave, honest and quiet he is for over fence work with students. 

Comanche can go any way you would like. He does well on the local H/J circuit, gymkhana events or just pleasure riding. 

Because Comanche is so in tune with his rider, he is only available to an experienced rider of either discipline at this time. 



DOB: June 2005

Height: 14

Breed: Morgan/QH

Color: Black

Type: Equitation, Hunter, Pleasure



Melody is an all around large who can do any job.

Safe, Safe, Safe!

Melody knows her job as a care taker and a teacher and does it exceptionally.

From teaching many first time riders and carrying them through to the 2’6, she is honest and has her changes. Melody does it all and everything in between.

She is the easiest horse to work around and trustworthy with the littles in all situations.

Melody has a substantial local record, she presents herself so well that she should have no problem keeping up at the rated shows & even pony finals next year if someone has that ambition. She is perfectly happy being a pleasure pony as well and enjoys trail riding on or off property.





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