The Team


Heather Metz

Owner/ Head Trainer

Richie Bernard

Owner/ Stable Manager

Richie has been around horses since before he could walk! He grew up on his family's farm right on the edge of Bucks County where his mother trained & bred Morgan Show Horses in addition to running their boarding facility for several decades. After school & on weekends you could find him in the barn bonding with the horses, helping with chores and assisting with training In-Hand, Lunging, Long-lining and Driving. After an injury ended his professional football career with the Philadelphia Eagles, Richie continued his passion for horses and took a job at Waterford Farm in North Jersey. In 2019 he joined HME to over see the facilities and top care of our athletes. Richie enjoys working with young horses and uses his ground training to supplement all our equine athletes throughout their under saddle training.


Sarah Brodhead

Operations Director

Sarah has had a passion for horses starting back since before she can remember. Flash forward to adulthood, she now is a horse owner herself.

 Sarah spends her spare time at HME absorbing all things horse. She can be found teaching beginner lessons or in the HME office when she is not busy enjoying her horse, Gracie, a beautiful black Friesian/ WB cross! 

Sarah has been an asset to the HME Office and is here to help you with just about any matter!

(570) 616-7616

Heather Rufolo


Heather brings years of knowledge and experience to the HME Riding Program. An avid horsemen dedicated to the equestrian lifestyle,  Heather's experience with all levels of riders has helped her develop a sharp eye for producing confident top level riders.

Strongly emphasizing on a correct classical dressage foundation, Heather uses key basics to amplify her riders success through the Hunter, Jumper, Equitation and Dressage rings. She looks forward to teaching her students the importance of creating a solid communication between each partnership and pushing her team toward their goals with beaming confidence. Her positive attitude and outgoing personality gives even the most timid riders the support they need to stay comfortable and gain confidence while working towards their goals.