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Learn about the Sport Horse Industry


Here at HM Equestrian, we have found that one of the best way to be successful in the industry is to intern with a professional. The opportunity to learn first hand gives you unique insight into the equine industry in real time. We are firm believers in working student programs and that is why we began ours.

Our intern program includes learning in all aspects of the equine industry. Stable management, training and rehabilitation from the ground up, professional grooming, farrier & veterinary care, opportunities to lesson on multiple horses a day, shadow/assist in teaching & training sessions, sport horse sales, showing opportunities local - AA circuits.
Ask about bringing your own horse along!
Opportunities to learn about:


Horse Nutrition, Pasture Maintenance, Turnout Rotation, Equine First Aid, Proper Lunging and the benefits of numerous Lunging exercises, Longlining, Starting horses under saddle, working with Green horses, Course designing, Investments & Sales, Equine Anatomy, Equine Massage Therapy, Saddle Fit, Equine and Rider Safety, Business Management, Billing and Accounting, Budgeting, Bandaging and Leg Wrapping, Body Clipping, Professional Braiding and Plaiting, Evaluating prospects, Lesson Instruction, The Ins and Outs of Horse Showing, And so much more!

Send an Email including a brief paragraph about your experiences and goals to apply. Click below or send to

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