"Some of the very best conversations I’ve ever had needed no words. I have been carried through my biggest struggles by a trustworthy and fierce friend. I have loved with all my heart and been loved back just the same. My eyes have leaked more tears of joy and pain into that chestnut mane then Id like to admit. No true passion comes without emotion and sacrifice."    


In loving memory of  St. Patrick's Gold

Heather's Story

Heather's love of horses started back before she can remember. Beginning regular riding lessons at the age of 8, Heather's foundation was based in Classical Dressage and Center Riding. She rode at a local farm in Bucks County, Pa. under the guidance of accomplished horsemen and USEF multi-discipline Judge Earlen Haven. Earlen has held judging licenses in Dressage, Eventing, Hunter, Hunter Equitation and Jumpers for 40+ years.

Through her early learning and upbringing Heather got an early taste of what upper-level horsemanship was about. As Heather's foundation grew stronger then most, she had an edge through her expansion into the jumping disciplines. She quickly picked up navigating through a course of fences to good distances due to her foundation flat work.

She started competing in her early teens, showing mostly locally and when she could afford the entries and stable fees A rated shows.

Heather continued to work hard in the horse industry but was unable to afford a horse of her own. With her strong foundation she would take catch rides on young or difficult horses in order to gain any saddle time she could. Riding any horse that was offered to her, she started to gain a sensitive feel for all types of horses and found successful results in the repetition of her rides. Through her junior career, Heather took every opportunity offered to broaden her knowledge of the different facets of the horse world.


By age 16, she could be found working numerous roles on the backside of the Parx Race Track. There she learned a great deal about the Thoroughbred Horse Racing Industry, horse fitness and health and maintenance from the top trainers she had the privilege of working with.

At age 18 Heather was teaching beginner lessons, taking young students to local shows and assisting with breaking horses. All while also showing and finishing her first off track thoroughbred in the Hunter and Jumper Rings.

Heather spent her first year at college as a high point rider for her IHSA team before taking a riding internship with Willy Delayer. While working for this legendary horsemen, she assisted with importing young warmblood horses from Europe. With Heather in the saddle and Willy advising from the ground they would break, train, show and sell the highend sport horse prospects. Willy continued to mentor Heather for years following her internship until his passing in 2014. To this day, Heather remains in touch with Willy's family.


After her internship, Heather went on to work as a stable manager and assistant trainer at Schocharie Ride Farm, a dressage facility. She assisted with the breaking of upper level prospects from top US breeders while teaching and coaching in her spare time at other local lesson facilities.

After returning to her dressage roots, Heather spent some time with her next young Ottb, St. Patrick's Gold, progressing through the trials of Eventing under successors of Pleasant Hollow Farms, Jane Cory.


After a few years of riding competitively in multiple disciplines, Heather saw the effectiveness and success of combined training. She realized her passion was strongest for teaching and training. Building correct fundamentals throughout multiple disciplines of riding.

It wasn't long before Heather was offered a position to instruct and train at one of the top show stables in the country, Hunter Farms.

During her time at Hunter Farms Heather worked under World Cup Team rider and Princeton Show Jumping Owner Andrew Philbrick. She absorbed everything she saw, heard and was taught. After expanding the Hunter Farms lesson program from 5 to 40 riders a week, Heather realized her passion still remained strong for the progression and training of young horses. See sought out a riding position where she could spend more time on the national Hunter Jumper Circuit.

In her search for her dream job, Heather chose a riding position at Chester Riding Club.

Under World Cup Team rider Sarah Schiring and Jamie Mallet, Heather worked with every horse in the barn. This position allowed her to spend ample time working and competing on the AA Circuit, thus expanding her experience even more in upper level competition.

At the young age of 25, she decided to introduce her personal concepts and own brand of equestrianism.

HM Equestrian and Sport Horse was opened with the goal of proving that combination training based with proper horsemanship strengthens the bond, communication and physical capabilities between the rider and sport horse.

Heather looks forward to using her lifetime of horse experience to help you get better connected with your equine partner. She aims to create a willing and confident bond, in and out of the show ring. She is motivated to help bring a competitive spark to those who are ready to set the bar a little higher with their showing and at home goal setting.


"PASSION is defined as a strong and barely controllable emotion. I can’t think of a better way to describe how I feel about these truly amazing animals. I do this because I want to share with you the opportunity to experience something so incredibly special and so rewarding."

~~ Heather Metz

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